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Linux & BSD Ports to PowerPC and M68K Computers

  • Linux/m68k Home Page

    Homepage for the Linux/m68k project. It covers ports like this one, including HP 9000/300, NeXT, Q40, Sun 3 and VMEbus.

  • Linux/nubus-pmac

    Linux for NuBus Power Macs and PowerBooks.

  • MkLinux

    Linux on top of the Mach microkernel for Power Macs and some clones. Supports NuBus Power Macs. This project is long abandoned.

  • Linux/PPC

    Linux on PowerPC-based systems, including PCI Power Macs and clones. Requires a Power Mac with Open Firmware. Does not support NuBus-class Power Macs.

  • uClinux

    A port of Linux to computers with no MMU, including m68k-based architectures.

  • NetBSD/mac68k

    The official port of NetBSD to 68k Macs. Supports quite a few machines, including some that are unsupported by Linux.

  • OpenMac Group

    The OpenMac Group is a loosely organized group of developers, led by the MacBSD team, who want Apple to release the details of the 68K Mac hardware. Their page includes an excellent set of references to hardware documentation.

  • OpenBSD/mac68k

    OpenBSD for 68k Macintosh. The hardware support should be about the same as the NetBSD port.

  • MacBSD

    A freeware variant of NetBSD and OpenBSD for the Mac. Has been active for about five years.

Other Links

  • Joaquin's M68K Hardware page

    Contains low-level info about Macintosh and other M68K-based hardware.

  • Apple Hardware Developer Documentation

    Contains Apple Developer Notes on nearly all Macintosh computers. Systems split into: 68040 Macintosh Desktops, 68030 and Earlier Desktops, 68040 Macintosh Portables, 68030 and Earlier Portables.

  • HFS for Linux

    A kernel module that allows old Linux kernels to mount HFS (Macintosh) volumes. No longer needed, as support for HFS is provided in version 2.2 and later kernels.

  • Mikael Forselius's MacLinux page

    Useful Mac OS utilities and information to aid with porting Linux/m68k to Macintosh computers. Mikael is the former Penguin booter maintainer.

  • Motorola M680X0 Documentation

    Links to MC680X0 product documentation.

General Linux Web Sites

  • The Linux Documentation Project

    Home of general information about Linux, and the excellent HOWTO documents. Much of the info there has a PC/Intel bias (so far :-)), but should be informative for Linux users on all platforms.

  • Linux Online

    It's about Linux, and it's online. Other than that, I don't know.

FTP Sites

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Mailing Lists

  • See the FAQ for information on mailing lists.

Newsgroups and chat

  • See the FAQ for information on news groups and IRC.
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