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Cross Development Tools

If you've ever tried compiling a kernel on your 68k Mac, you probably realize that it may take days to accomplish anything meaningful. Fortunately, cross-compilers are available.

If you are running Linux on x86 or amd64 you can obtain cross-compiler binaries from

If you are running Debian GNU/Linux, you can also obtain tools from the Emdebian project, where you can also find instructions for building these tools yourself. See also the Cross Toolchains page in the Debian wiki.

The crosstool-ng project is another good way to build your own toolchain.

If you decide to build a cross-compiler yourself, please note that GCC 2.95.2 has been reported to miscompile some things. These issues seem to have been resolved in Debian's compiler sources. But note that this compiler is too old to build kernel releases newer than v2.

Obsolete cross compiler builds have been archived on the FTP site.

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